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Lovely Crochet Baby Dress

Hey guys. Isn't it so fun making little crochet dresses for your newborns. Whether it's your first or the hundredth one, every dress is special. The Crochet Baby Dress pattern is one no crocheter would want to miss. The dress is worked up from top to bottom with few stitches involved. This could also serve as a great gift for a friend's baby.

Materials needed:

  • Crochet hook size: 3.5mm (E/9).
  • Yarn.
  • Stitch markers.
  • Scissors.
  • Yarn Needle.
  • Tape measure.
  • 1 bow.

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1 comment
Peggy B Wilson
Jul 04, 2022 04:46 AM

I can't contact you directly so maybe this will do.  As I am unable to use pintrest on this site I am about to get rid of the Crochet letter.  So many trees have to be cut down for all the paper I would need to print and fill my home with the said paper.  To download would quickly fill my computer to it's limit.