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How To Make A Solid Two Color Spiral Crochet Circle

Crochet spirals are a lot of fun to make. Whether you are making Crochet Potholders or Large Crochet Rugs and Pillows, you will totally enjoy making those patterns with crochet spirals. You can make crochet spirals with a single color, two tone spiral or you can whip up a spiral with multiple colors too. It looks bit complex but trust me it's and so easy to make.

In my last post I had shared the pattern for Seamless Spiral Circle With Raised Ridges. This pattern is a single color tone spiral with pretty textured look along the spiral ends. Today am sharing the pattern for a Solid Two Color Spiral Crochet Circle.

The pattern is very simple which lays flat with no gapping holes. It is worked in continuous round with no visible seam. The two color tone gives the circle a pretty whimsical look. Its exciting to hop from one color to another as you go on and on into the rounds.

Materials Used:-

2 Shades of 8 Ply Yarn

Color 1 - Pink

Color 2 - Blue

4 mm Crochet Hook

Written and Photo tutorial

Video Tutorial

How To Make A Solid Two Color Spiral Crochet Circle
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