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Solid Double Crochet Spiral Circle

The Crochet Pattern for making a Spiral circle is same as the Common Crochet Circle. The only difference is , the usual Crochet Circle is worked round after round by ending each round with a slip stitch and the Spiral Crochet circles are worked in continues rounds. You can make crochet spirals with a single color, two tone spiral or you can whip up a spiral with multiple colors too.

Few days back I had shared the pattern for making a Solid Two Color Spiral Crochet Circle. Here is a simple pattern for Solid Double Crochet Spiral Circle with only one color of yarn. The pattern is very simple which lays flat with no gapping holes. It is worked in continuous round with no visible seam.

You can use this spiral pattern to make up crochet potholders , Crocheted rugs ,Crochet hats and Placemats. Just keep making the increase pattern untill the size of your choice.

Materials Used:-

8 Ply Yarn

4 mm Crochet Hook

Written and Photo tutorial

Video tutorial

Solid Double Crochet Spiral Circle
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