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How to Crochet a Ragdoll Jellyfish

This is just so cute! Friends, today we will learn how to crochet a ragdoll jellyfish. You can even make a ragdoll jellyfish family, haha! You can make the mama, the papa and the baby jellyfish. I just remembered the baby shark song, you can definitely make a song out of this jellyfish family. Your baby will love this toy and even your toddlers too. You can even make some house decor out of this jellyfish, so off we go!

Materials needed:

  • Yarn
  • Crochet hook, 4.5mm
  • Scissors
  • Yarn needle
  • Stitch marker
  • Filling material

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Jean Gray
Sep 21, 2022 05:26 PM

i do not like it that u do not give us a pattern we can copy off...i dont know about downloading and stuff, so i can not get any patterns

Sep 22, 2022 01:43 AM

Hi đŸ™‚

You can take screenshots instead 

Jean Gray
Sep 22, 2022 06:20 AM

lady i am 84 years old, love to crochet, not into all this fancy stuff u can do with phones and camersa. i just want to be able to print a pattern onto paper so i can have somethng to do while i sit watching tv...i dont even know what u mean by a screen shot,that does not give me stitch goodness