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Cute Little Mouse

This cute little mouse is an amazing amigurumi craft to try your hands on today. Just look at those big ears and how the mouse sits quietly. He’ll definitely sit quietly on your shelves and also be great when used as a keyholder. I’m sure the kids and grandkids are going to absolutely love adding this to their collection of soft toys and I’m sure you are going to enjoy the process of making it. So friends, let’s get started!

Materials needed:

1.Yarn of two colors (1 - main color, 2 - comlementary color). Using Drops Nord (50 g, 170 m) and 1,3 crochet hook a toy is about 8 cm tall, using Yarn Art Jeans (50 g, 160 m) and 1,5 crochet hook a toy is about 9 cm tall.

2.Crochet hook according to your yarn.

3.Yarn needle, sewing needle.

4.Yarn for nose and whiskers (for example, Vita Pelican 50 g, 330 m, 100% cotton, or Iris).

5.Two black beeds or toy eyes (4-5 mm), sewing thread of black colour.

6.Polyester fiberfill.

7.A piece of velcro tape if you use a fluffy yarn.

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