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Make a Little Magic House

Just look at this cute little house! It’s a little magic house and it’s the cutest thing I’ve seen today. This will be great to hang on your shelves and also to gift out to your loved ones. I just love the detailing on this, the way the buttons sit on the roof and the way we have a heart shaped window. Also, the key beside the door is just so gorgeous and cute. So friends, why not make this and use it to exercise your crochet skills today. I’m sure you’re going to enjoy the entire process because I did!

Materials needed:

  • any yarn pink, milk and other colors for decoration
  • crochet hook for your yarn
  • buttons, hearts or any other decor
  • pendant key
  • hanging tape
  • thick plastic or cardboard for the framework (optional)
  • stuffing material: fiberfill
  • yarn needle, scissor

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