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DIY Crochet Acorns

Hi friends. No, we ain't going nuts. Just crocheting the nut to improve our craft skills, haha! Acorns provide fruit not only for squirrels but many other mammals. Well, you can also add acorns to a fall wreath or mantel display. For holiday colors, you can hang them on your tree or display them in a decorative bowl on your coffee table, improving your entire decor. An Acorn can be strung on a cord through the stem and worn as a necklace. The list is endless because you can even make an acorn pincushion, present topper, or even a cat toy. Excite yourself with this tiny piece by taking a walk through the tutorial here which of course is free. So friends, let's get going with the acorn!

Materials needed:

  • small amounts of sock yarn 
  • a crochet hook ( I used a size 5 american) 
  • acorn caps 
  • some roving or other stuffing material 
  • a glue gun

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