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Crochet a Hippo Rattle

What a good sound it makes when a hippo rattle rattles around in your baby’s crib. This is a fun project to try when you're teaching your child about animal sounds and textures. But you may have wondered how to make one. Well, let us show you how it is done. A hippo rattle is traditionally made of cotton yarn, but you can use any kind of yarn for this project as well.

Materials needed:

  • US G6/4mm crochet hook 
  • 1-1/2 oz Gray Worsted weight yarn
  • Scraps of pink worsted weight yarn
  • 9mm safety eyes (note: if you are concerned about a choking hazard, you may wish to embroider eyes instead)
  • Polyfill Stuffing 
  • Toy Rattle Noise Insert

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