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Simple Crochet Daisy Flower Bookmark

Crochet bookmarks are quick and fun projects to make on the go. You can easily whip up a bookmark in few minutes. They are a great choice to make for so many reasons. The first thing, apart from being pretty to look at, they are absolutely functional to keep a track of the page you've reached up to. Because they are so quick to make, it’s a great item to sell at craft shows and exhibitions and a great option for handmade gifts.

Today am sharing the pattern for Simple Crochet Daisy Flower Bookmark. The pattern is very simple made with basic stitches. I've seen many flower bookmark pattern where usually the flower is made separately and the leaf and the stem are attached latter on. Here in this pattern the bookmark is made in continuous length where there is no need to cut off the yarn and attach separately. These are the perfect project for using up your scraps of yarn.

Materials Used:-
4 Ply Cotton Knitting Yarn
4 mm Crochet Hook

Flower — 3 inches
Bookmark in length — 12 inches --Customizable to any size

Written and Photo Tutorial

Video Tutorial

Simple Crochet Daisy Flower Bookmark
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