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Easiest Crochet Twisted Suzette Earwarmer Headband

I love making Crochet Headbands and Earwarmer patterns coz they are so cute and pretty and very much functions. They are the most easiest patterns to work on. Even beginner crocheters love making them for their simplicity. They make great last minute gifts for any occasion and hence a favorite among many experienced crocheters too.

Today am sharing the pattern for Easiest Crochet Twisted Suzette Earwarmer Headband. The pattern is really simple made with Suzette Crochet Stitch. It is a quite simple stitch made with a combination of Double Crochets and Single Crochets. These two stitches worked together gives the lovely textured look.

The Earwarmer is made by crocheting a long rectangle and joined at the end with a Twist Knot, although the Twisted Knot may look complicated, but believe its really easy to make the lovely Twist. The Twist adds unique look to the Earwarmer.

Materials Used:-
8 Ply Yarn
4 mm Crochet Hook

4 / 23 Inches — Customizable to any size

Written and Photo tutorial

Video Tutorial

Easiest Crochet Twisted Suzette Earwarmer Headband
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