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Textured Crochet Macrame Basket

Crocheted Baskets are a great option to make if you are looking out for a quick organizing crochet project. They are Perfect for Home Storage are great to personalize your home spaces and they definitely add a great deal of charm and a crafty look to your home. There are all kinds of crocheted basket shapes , right from round, oval , square or rectangular pattern you can make to organize your stuff at home. Using different yarns and stitch textures you can make beautiful collection of crochet basket patterns.

Today am sharing the pattern for this simple and quick Textured Crochet Macrame Basket. The textured look of the basket is made with Front Post Double Crochet and Double Crochet worked alternatively. I have used Cotton Macrame cord for the basket and the unique texture of the Macrame cord makes the basket stand out from the regular yarn. The Macrame rope makes the basket sturdy and it won’t bend or fall over.

Materials Used:-

3mm , 3 Ply Cotton Macrame Cord

6 mm Crochet Hook


5 Inches Base - can be customized to any size

Written and Photo tutorial

Video tutorial

Textured Crochet Macrame Basket
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