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Crochet Pumpkin Bitty Buddy

The Crochet Pumpkin Bitty Buddy is a delightful handcrafted creation that exudes charm and elegance. Meticulously crafted with precision and care, this miniature pumpkin figurine is a testament to the artistry and skill of its creator. Its intricate crochet design showcases a harmonious blend of vibrant orange hues, capturing the essence of autumnal beauty. This exquisite piece serves as a charming decorative item, perfect for adorning any space with a touch of sophistication. Its compact size makes it an ideal companion for desks, shelves, or even as a thoughtful gift. Embrace the allure of this Crochet Pumpkin Bitty Buddy and elevate your surroundings with its refined presence.

Materials needed:

  • HOOK(S): 2.75 mm • US size C (head stem) / 4.0 mm • US size G (head, arms and body)
  • Yarn 
  • Darning Needle
  • Embroidery Thread
  • Measuring Tape
  • Polyfil Stuffing
  • Rattle Insert (if desired) 
  • Scissors 
  • Stitch Marker

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