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Crochet Ragdoll Amigurumi Bunny

This adorable amigurumi bunny is perfect for those who love crafting and creating unique toys. With just a few simple materials like yarn, a crochet hook, and some stuffing, you can bring this charming ragdoll bunny to life. The intricate details and soft texture of the crochet stitches will make this bunny doll a cherished keepsake for years to come. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced crocheter, making an amigurumi bunny is a great way to practice your skills and create something special. From choosing the perfect colors for your bunny's outfit to adding cute accessories like bows or buttons, the possibilities are endless. So grab your crochet supplies and get ready to make a one-of-a-kind ragdoll amigurumi bunny that will delight both children and adults alike!

Materials used:

• yarn Scheepjes Softfun (similar to YarnArt Jeans)
• crochet hooks 2.25 mm and 2.0 mm for crocheting pieces together
• plastic safety toy eyes 4 mm,
• synthetic filler (fiberfil)

Abbreviations used:

AMR– Adjustable magic ring
ch – chain
dec – decrease (2 single crocheted together)
inc – increase (2 single crocheted in the same stitch)
sc – single crochet
sl-st – slip stitch

Important notes:

The pieces are worked from the top down in backand-forth rows with turning, every row ends with a turning chain, which is not crocheted into in the following row, is not counted in the stitch count and not shown in the instructions, except for the first row.
Finished toys have a height of 10cm (3.93 inches) = 28 rows.
If the crocheted fabric, gaps are visible between individual stitches, you have crocheted too loosely, and need to start over using a smaller hook size.
Another common mistake to avoid are gaps between the filling when stuffing the toy.
The two halves of the toy will be crocheted together with the crochet hook in the smaller size, using the working yarn left hanging at the second half.
Happy Crocheting!

Order of work:
-crochet the front half of the bunny
-crochet the front legs
-crochet the bottom half of the toy (back side) and do not break the working yarn
-crochet whites of the eyes, tail, belly
-embellish the front half (public side) (eyes, nose, belly)
-sew on tail
-join the two halves of the toy, crocheting in the front legs in the process

1. ch1 +1 t-ch
2. Beginning into the 2nd chain from the hook 1 inc = 2 sc
3-8. 6 rows of 2 sc each
The second ear is identical and don’t break the working yarn, continue to crochet.
9. 2 sc (first ear), ch4, 2 sc (second ear) = 8 sc
10. 1 inc, 6 sc, 1 inc = 10 sc
11. 1 inc, 8 sc, 1 inc = 12 sc
12. 12 sc
13. 1 inc, 10 sc, 1 inc = 14 sc
14. 14 sc
15. 1 inc, 12 sc, 1 inc = 16 sc
16-18. 3 rows of 16 sc each
19. 1 dec, 12 sc, 1 dec = 14 sc
20. 14 sc
21. 1 dec, 10 sc, 1 dec = 12 sc
22. 12 sc
23. 1 dec, 8 sc, 1 dec = 10 sc
24. 10 sc

Hind legs
25-28. 4 rows of 3 sc each
Leave 4 sc between the hind legs

Front legs
1. ch1 + 1 t-ch
2. Beginning into the 2nd chain from the hook 1 inc = 2 sc
3-5. 3 rows of 2 sc each

Back half
Identical to the Front half, do not break the working yarn.

Whites of the eyes
1. 6 sc into an AMR
2. 3 inc´s, s-st = 6 sc and without finishing the row, break the working yarn leaving an end for sewing on.

1. 6 sc into an AMR
2. 6 inc´s = 12 sc. Break the working yarn leaving an end for sewing on.

1. 6 sc into an AMR
2. 6 inc´s = 12 sc
3. 12 sc
4. 6 dec´s = 6 sc
Stuff the tail with fiberfill and cinch the opening closed, break the working yarn, leaving an end for sewing on.

Embellish the both halves of the bunny.

Sew the whites of the eyes, belly and tail. Insert the eyes between Rows 14 and 15, 5 sts in from the edge on each side (into the 6th gap), at a distance of 3 sts between the eyes. Embroider nose, under the eyes.

Sew on the belly and tail.

Hide the ends and join the two halves in sc, crocheting in the front legs in the process. Stuff with fiberfill while crocheting the two halves together.

The toy is ready.

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