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Crochet Snowman Applique

Create your very own adorable Crochet Snowman Applique with this easy-to-follow pattern! This charming little snowman is perfect for adding a festive touch to your winter projects. Whether you want to embellish a hat, scarf, or even a cozy blanket, this applique will surely bring a smile to anyone's face. This delightful Crochet Snowman Applique pattern is a must-have for any crochet enthusiast! With its clear instructions and step-by-step guidance, you'll be able to create a charming snowman in no time. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced crocheter, this pattern is suitable for all skill levels. The pattern includes helpful tips and tricks to ensure your snowman turns out just right. From shaping the body to adding the finishing touches, you'll be amazed at how quickly this adorable snowman comes together. Once completed, you can use this applique to decorate a variety of winter-themed projects, such as hats, scarves, or even holiday stockings. Spread the joy of the season with your handmade Crochet Snowman Applique!


  • For snowman’s head I used white cotton yarn 50 gr / 90 m and crochet hook 3.5 mm.
  • For hat and scarf – red and green cotton yarn 50 gr / 200 m and crochet hook 1.5 mm.
  • Needle for embroidery, pink thread for embroidery, scissors

Measurement: Snowman is approx. 3.3 inches high and 2.8 inches wide.

Abbreviations Used (In American Terms)
MR = magic ring
st = stitch
sc = single crochet
dc = double crochet
sl st = slip stitch

How to crochet Snowman (head):

Work in continuous rounds. Using a stitch marker (You can use a small piece of yarn of a different color) so you know where one row ends and another begins.

Work in white color yarn. Magic Ring.
1 Round: 6 Sc into magic ring (6)
2 Round: [1 sc, 1 Inc] x 6 times (12)
3 Round: [2 sc, 1 Inc] x 6 times (18)
4 Round: [3 sc, 1 Inc] x 6 times (24)
5 Round: [4 sc, 1 Inc] x 6 times (30)
6 Round: [5 sc, 1 Inc] x 6 times (36)
Fasten off.
Use beads to make eyes and nose. Embroider snowman’s mouth with pink thread.

How to crochet snowman’s hat:

1 Row: Ch 19, 1 sc to 18th st. from hook, 17 sc.
Row 2-3: Ch 1, 18 sc into each stitch.
Row 4: ch 1, 5, ch 1, 8 sc.
Row 5-9: Ch 1, 8 sc.
Row 10: edging round.Fasten off.

How to crochet snowman’s scarf:

Ch 48, 1 dc into third stitch from hook, 45 dc.
Fasten off.
Cut 4 pieces of yarn 4 inches each. Take it together and tighten the loop at each end of the scarf. Make tassels 0.5 inches long.

Sew all the details. Decorate as you like.

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