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How to make Crochet Beautiful Necklace

Unleash your creativity and embark on a journey to crochet a truly beautiful necklace that will make heads turn. With just a few simple tools and some colorful yarn, you can craft a unique piece of jewelry that reflects your personal style and adds a touch of elegance to any outfit. Indulge in the art of crochet and fashion a necklace that exudes elegance and charm. With your nimble fingers and a selection of exquisite yarn, you can transform a simple thread into a captivating accessory that showcases your individuality and style.


I used cotton yarn Phildar Phil Coton 3 (50 g / 121 m) and 4 mm hook.

I also used a bit of accessories for jewelry and wooden bead with a large hole to make a fastener.

How to crochet:

Crochet separately pendant and cord. For crocheting a pendant we use the pattern of a flat circle.

At first, make a circle with 4 chains. Join with slip stitch to first ch to form a ring.

Round 1: Make 8 simple crochet stitches (sc) in the ring, slip stitch to first sc to close round.

Round 2: 2 sc in each stitch around, slip stitch to first sc to close round.

Round 3: (2 sc, 1 sc in next st) x 8 times, slip stitch to first sc to close round. Fasten off.

For crocheting a cord. Measure the neck circumference. I’ve got 12 inches.

If you use the same yarn as mine, then you will have a ratio of 10 chains = 1.5 inches, 12 inches = 80 chains.
Hence 1 chain = 0.15 inches. And if you get a value different from mine, then simply divide it by 0.15.
Those, if your measurement is 13.5 inches, then your chain will be 13.5 / 0.15 = 90 chains.

If you use a different yarn, then you need to tie a control chains.
Crochet 20 chains and measure the length with the help of a ruler. For example, you got 20 chains = 2.5 inches. And your neck circumference is 13.5 inches. So you need 13.5 * 20 / 2.5 = 108.
The result is the necessary quantity of chains for your cord.

Before you start crocheting, thread your wooden bead and move it further along the yarn. Later we will make a clasp from it at the end of our chains.

Make the calculated quantity of chains. I made 80 chains.

Bring the bead to the end of the chain and, passing it, start crocheting the second row, making 1 slip stitch in every chain of the first row.

When the row ends, crochet the chains that will cover your bead. I got 7 chains. Make slip stitch in first chain to form a ring. Fasten off.

Use steel rings to connect pendant and cord, and accessories for decoration (I found a key).

Now put it on your neck and prepare to get a ton of compliments because it looks so cute and tender.

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