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Crochet Inky the Squid

Create your very own adorable squid plushie by crocheting Inky the Squid! This fun and engaging project will allow you to showcase your crochet skills while also creating a unique and lovable toy. Inky the Squid can be customized with different colors and embellishments to make it truly one-of-a-kind. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced crocheter, this project is sure to bring joy and satisfaction as you bring this cute creature to life. Crocheting Inky the Squid is a great way to unwind and relax while also being productive. The repetitive nature of crochet stitches can be soothing and meditative, making it the perfect hobby to de-stress after a long day. Once you finish crocheting Inky, you'll have a charming plushie to display in your home or give as a thoughtful handmade gift to a friend or loved one. Let your creativity shine as you work on this fun and rewarding crochet project!


  • We used a Light weight cotton in green for the main colour;
  • Fine or Light weight yarn in pink for cheeks;
  • Black yarn for mouth (we used worsted weight);
  • 2.25mm hook
  • Tapestry needle;
  • Safety eyes (optional);
  • Stuffing;
  • Keychain ring (optional).

If you don’t have fine or light weight yarn on hand, go ahead and use whatever you have! Your finished Inky will simply be a little bigger than ours. We recommend a 3.5mm hook if you’re using a worsted weight yarn.

Terms and Special Stitches (US Terminology):

MR – Magic Ring

Slst – Slip stitch

Ch – Chain

Sc – Single Crochet

Inc – Increase. Work 2 sc into the same stitch.

Dec – Decrease. Work 2 sc together (when working in the round, I use the invisible decrease).

BLO – Back loops only


(Work in continuous rounds)

Round 1: MR with 6 sc (6 sts)

Round 2: *inc* repeat around (12 sts)

Round 3: *sc, inc* repeat around (18 sts)

Round 4: *sc 2, inc* repeat around (24 sts)

Round 5: In BLO sc around (24 sts)

Round 6: sc around (24 sts)

Round 7: *sc 5, inc* repeat around (28 sts)

Rounds 8-14: sc around (28 sts)

Round 15: *Inc* repeat from * 7 times, sc 21 (35 sts)

Round 16: sc around (35 sts)

Round 17: *sc 2, inc* repeat 5 times, sc 20 (40 sts)

Rounds 18-25: sc around (40 sts)

Round 26: *sc 3, dec* repeat around (32 sts)

Round 27: *sc 2, dec* repeat around (24 sts)

Place your safety eyes (we placed ours between rounds 8 and 9 with about 6 sts between them). Stuff. Continue stuffing after each round.

Round 28: *sc, dec* repeat around (16 sts)

Round 29: *dec* repeat around (8 sts)

Round 30: *dec* repeat around (4 sts)

Tie off, leaving a tail for closing. Weave tail through the front loops of each stitch, then down through the opening and out the back. Tug gently on tail to close. Once you’ve closed the opening, poke the remaining tail back into the piece using the back of your tapestry needle.


1st Tentacle: Attach your yarn in the front loop of Round 5, so that your first stitch is perpendicular to (or beneath) Inky’s left eye (as you look at him). Ch 11. Starting in first chain from hook, sc along chains (10 sts). Slst 4 along the front loops so that your hook is now perpendicular with the second eye.

2nd Tentacle: Ch 11. Starting in first chain from hook, sc along (10 sts). Slst 3 along front loops.

3rd Tentacle: Ch 13. Sc along. (12 sts). Slst 3.

4th Tentacle: Ch 15. Sc along (14 sts). Slst 3.

5th Tentacle: Ch 15. Sc along (14 sts). Slst 2.

6th Tentacle: Ch 13. Sc along (12 sts). Slst 2 and join.

Tie off. Poke the remaining tail back into the piece using the back of your tapestry needle. The tentacles should curl naturally.


In pink, make a MR with 5 sc. Join and tie off, leaving a tail for sewing. Sew cheeks beneath and to the side of each eye.

In black, sew on mouth between rows 6 and 8 between eyes.

Add a loop to the top of Inky and attach a keychain to make a sweet bag charm, or simply attach the jump ring right through one of the stitches.

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