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Crochet Row Count Maple Leaf Afghan Square Crochet Pattern

Introducing the Crochet Row Count Maple Leaf Afghan Square, a unique and captivating pattern that will add a touch of elegance to your crochet projects. This stunning design features a beautiful maple leaf motif, symbolizing strength and beauty. The intricate details of the pattern make it a true work of art, perfect for showcasing your crochet skills. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced crocheter, this pattern will challenge and inspire you to create something truly extraordinary. The Maple Leaf Afghan Square is versatile and can be used to create a variety of projects such as blankets, pillows, or even wall hangings. With its intricate details and timeless beauty, this pattern is sure to become a favorite in your crochet collection. 

Measures 7-1/2" x 7-1/2"


Red Heart Super Saver — 4ply worsted weight — White (M)
Red Heart With Love — 4ply worsted weight — Country Blue ©

Hook Size G

Stitches: ch, sc, sl st.

Pattern specifies how many single crochet stitches to work for each color.

Difficulty: MEDIUM

R1: With White, Ch29, sc in the second ch from the hook. Sc in ea rem ch. (28sc)

R2: Ch1, turn. 28M

R3: Ch1, turn. 2M, 2C, 6M, 9C, 9M

R4: Ch1, turn.8M, 10C, 5M, 3C, 2M

R5: Ch1, turn. 3M, 3C, 4M, 11C, 7M

R6: Ch1, turn. 6M, 12C, 3M, 3C, 4M

R7: Ch1, turn. 5M, 3C, 2M, 13C, 5M

R8: Ch1, turn. 4M, 14C, 1M, 3C, 6M

R9: Ch1, turn. 7M, 18C, 3M

R10: Ch1, turn. 2M, 18C, 8M

R11: Ch1, turn. 2M, 17C, 9M

R12: Ch1, turn. 8M, 18C, 2M

R13. Ch1, turn. 2M, 19C, 7M

R14: Ch1, turn. 6M, 20C, 2M

R15: Ch1, turn. 2M, 21C, 5M

R16: Ch1, turn. 4M, 22C, 2M

R17: Ch1, turn. 2M, 23C, 3M

R18: Ch1, turn. 2M, 24C, 2M

R19: Ch1, turn. 2M, 16C, 10M

R20: Ch1, turn. 10M, 7C, 1M, 7C, 3M

R21: Ch1, turn. 4M, 6C, 2M, 6C, 10M

R22: Ch1, turn. 10M, 5C, 3M, 5C, 5M

R23: Ch1, turn. 6M, 4C, 4M, 4C, 10M

R24: Ch1, turn. 10M, 3C, 5M, 3C, 7M

R25: Ch1, turn. 8M, 2C, 6M, 2C, 10M

R26: Ch1, turn. 10M, 1C, 7M, 1C, 9M

R27: Ch1, turn. 28M

R28: Ch1, turn. 28M

Fasten off.

BORDER: Ch1, turn. Sc in ea st and row end, placing 3sc in ea corner.
Join with sl st.

Fasten off.

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