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Crochet Easter Flowers

Create your own beautiful Easter blooms with the art of crocheting. Craft delicate flowers in pastel colors to add a touch of springtime charm to your home decor or Easter festivities. Crocheting Easter flowers is a fun and creative way to celebrate the season and showcase your crafting skills. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced crocheter, there are endless patterns and designs to choose from to make your Easter flowers unique and special. You can use different yarn weights and hook sizes to achieve various textures and sizes, making each flower one-of-a-kind. Get inspired by nature and let your imagination run wild as you crochet Easter flowers that will brighten up any space and bring joy to those who see them.

Approximate Time: 2-3 hours


  • yellow, red, and pink yarn
  • Dollar Tree tulips, roses, and daffodil bunches
  • hot glue gun.
  • green floral tape from the Dollar Tree
  • OPTIONAL: scrap pastel variegated crochet thread
  • size E hook.



Chain 16 and make three double crochets in all the chains. This will curl nicely. Leave a 3 inch tail and cut off and bind.

For the outer petals. Chain 3 and make a single crochet in the first chain. Chain 1 and turn, making a single crochet in that first stitch, thus increasing the number of stitches across by one each row. Do this till you have six across. To decrease you now do not make the extra, but slip stitch in the next stitch and all across. You do this till you have just two single crochets on the last row and break off and bind the tail. Make four of these.

With the stem, bring it up almost to the end of the curled portion. Hot glue it around the stem so it won't show, curling the rest pretty tight and hot gluing it as you go at the base.

With the glue gun, you can put some glue on the bottom half of the petal and glue it to the curled part on the bottom half. When it's set, do all four petals, but overlap the new one to the one already set. When all are set, begin with the tails woven into the floral tape, and wrap it all around about 2 inches down. Trim any tails left over. Make sure to have some baby's breath for effect. If you go to the Dollar Tree, you will find 6 flowers in a bunch and you can make 6 roses and just replace the fake ones.


Make four of the same as the rose petals, but stop at 3 across, as tulips are more rounded than roses. I made 6 and it was too wide. Overlap them like you did the roses and you will not go wrong. Bind the petals and tails like you did the roses.


From the hook, chain 3 and make a single crochet in the first chain from hook till you have 6. Join and make 7 single crochets in next row, join, 8 in next and then from there, one single crochet in each row till you are about to row 7. To flare the top, make 1 double crochet in every other stitch, and 2 in every other stitch to join the top.

Break off and bind. Make four petals just like the roses, attaching them to your flower center just like you did the rose. I didn't put the glue on the petals high enough, so you may want to glue them so they are closer to the center.

Bind the bottom with the floral tape as the rest.

If you end up getting the three 6 flower sets, I would mix the flowers as they are all so pretty for an Easter centerpiece or to cheer someone in the hospital, who is having a birthday, or get a jump on a lasting gift for Mothers Day.

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