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Crochet Little Christmas Bells

Create your own festive decorations by crafting miniature Christmas bells using the art of crochet. These charming little bells can be made in various colors to match your holiday decor, and they make perfect additions to your Christmas tree, wreaths, or garlands. Crocheting Christmas bells is a fun and creative way to add a personal touch to your holiday season. You can even attach them to gifts as unique and handmade tags for an extra special touch. Whether you're a seasoned crocheter or just starting out, making these tiny bells is a rewarding project that will bring joy to your home during the festive season. So grab your crochet hook and yarn, and start crafting your own set of adorable Christmas bells today!


I have used an amigurumi yarn, but different yarn weights will produce different sized Bells.

The pattern was made with:

Johanka yarn: 1 skein / ball, 55% cotton + 45% acrylic, 50 g / 160 m

Color A – red
Color B — white

3.5 mm crochet hook

Pattern will work in other hooks and yarns though finished size will be different.


Sewing/Embroidery and yarn needle/tapestry needle for sewing pieces together and weaving in ends


Bead/Pearl/Jingle bell/Ribbon

Difficulty Level: Level 1 – Easy, for beginners

US crochet terms:

SlSt – slip stitch

CH/s – chain/s

SC — single crochet

SK — skip

T — turn

ST/s — stitch(es)

REP – repeat


1) A ch1 at beg of the row DOESN'T count as a stitch

2) Magic ring = the starting point for crocheting in a spiral. Use which ever method you prefer.

3) Continuous rounds – MINI CHRISTMAS BELLS are worked up in continuous rounds, which means that you will not be joining the last stitch of the round with the first one. Instead you will need to keep track of where each round started and how many stitches you have made because after each round you will continue right on to the stitches of the next round (with no join). It is useful to use a stitch marker or piece of yarn to mark the start or end of each round.

4) ( ) – The number of stitches that should be in a completed round/row are placed in brackets at the end of that round’s/row’s instructions.

5) Using a stitch marker: The bell is worked in the usual amigurumi style worked without joining in continuous rnds – place the stitch marker in the top of the first st to mark start of round.


2.5 inch / 6.5 cm wide

3 inch / 7.5 cm tall

The finished size will depend on what yarn you use, as well as your tension and hook (as with any amigurumi).

6) You can make CROCHET MINI CHRISTMAS BELL bigger with a thicker yarn or a larger hook size.


Ch1 at the beginning of round don't count as a stitch.

This part is worked in spiral rounds, without joining rounds. Do not join rounds.

Color A
Make a magic ring

R1: ch1, 6sc in magic ring (6sc)

R2: *2sc in each st around* repeat from * to * till end of round (12 sc)

R3: *2sc in next st, 1sc in next st* repeat from * to * till end of round (18 sc)

R4: *2sc in next st, 1sc in next 2 st* repeat from * to * till end of round (24 sc)

R5: *2sc in next st, 1sc in next 3 st* repeat from * to * till end of round (30 sc)

R6 – R11: 1sc in each st around till end of round (30 sc)

Color B
R12: 1sc in each st around till end of round (30 sc)

Alternate Color A and Color B
R13: 1sc in each st around till end of round (30 sc)

Color B
R14: 1sc in each st around till end of round (30 sc)

Color A
R15: *2sc in next st, 1sc in next st* repeat from * to * till end of round (45 sc)

R16: *ch1, skip 1st, sl st in next st * repeat from * to * till end of round, finish the round with an invisible join

Cut yarn and fasten off with invisible join and wave all ends in.


Use a longer tail at the beginning of the magic ring, attach a bead at the end of the tail. Fix the bead with a knot.

And voila! You made a MINI CHRISTMAS BELL.

To finish: Make a short hanging chain and join 2 bells together.

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