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Crochet Simple Star Ornamnet

Create a charming and elegant crochet star ornament with this easy-to-follow pattern. This delightful decoration will add a touch of whimsy and festive cheer to your holiday decor. The simplicity of this design makes it perfect for beginners or those looking for a quick and satisfying project. Elevate your holiday decorations with a delightful crochet star ornament that is both simple and stunning. This versatile pattern allows you to showcase your creativity and personalize your decor. Whether you choose to make a single star or a whole constellation, these ornaments will bring a touch of handmade charm to any space. 

Measures 2-3/4" from point to point


Red Heart Super Saver-4ply worsted weight (Green & Red — small amount of each)
Hook Size G

Stitches: ch, dc, sc, sl st.

Difficulty: EASY

R1: Ch14, sl st in the 2nd ch from the hook.
Sc in next ch
Dc in next ch
Sk next ch
Sl st in next ch
Sl st in 2nd ch
Sc in next ch
Dc in next ch
Sk next ch
Sl st in next ch

Rep from * across.

Join with a sl st in the same ch as the 1st dc was worked.

Add a hanger using the red yarn and a star is born!
You can make these any color.

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