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Crochet Washcloth Poof

Introducing the Crochet Washcloth Poof, the ultimate bathroom accessory that will revolutionize your daily cleansing routine! This innovative creation combines the functionality of a washcloth with the luxurious feel of a poof, giving you the best of both worlds. Made entirely from soft and absorbent crochet yarn, this washcloth poof is designed to gently exfoliate your skin while creating a rich lather with your favorite soap or body wash. Crafted with care and attention to detail, the Crochet Washcloth Poof is not only practical but also durable. The high-quality crochet yarn ensures that it can withstand repeated use and frequent washing without losing its shape or softness. Plus, its compact size makes it perfect for travel, allowing you to enjoy the luxurious feel of a poof wherever you go. Upgrade your bathing experience with the Crochet Washcloth Poof and indulge in a spa-like treatment every time you step into the shower or bath. 

I Used:
Worsted weight Yarn (4 ply) from my stash

And a 4.5 MM Hook

Rounds 1: Starting with cup
Ch 3, ss in beg ch to form a ring. Ch 3.
Rounds 2 — 4:
12 dc in ring, ss to join. Do not fasten off!

Round 5: working around cup
Ss into side of cup, ch 3, dc in same spot{beg v st}(mark it). Work 23 more v sts around cup in a spiral. (See pic). Fasten off.

Round 6:
Ss into bottom of beg v st. (where I left the marker)5 dc up right side post of vst, ch 1, 5 dc down left side post of same vst. * Ss into bottom of next vst.5 dc up right side post of next vst, ch 1, 5 dc down left side post of same vst.* Repeat from * to * to end. Ss into side of cup to join. Ch 3, Ss into top of last pettal worked.*5 dc up right side post of next vst, ch 1, 5 dc down left side post of same vst. Ss into top of next 'petal' * Repeat from * to * around. Ss in top of last 'petal' to join. Fasten Off.

Rope Handle
Ch 3, Ss through sides beg ring to close flower up a bit. Ch 2, sc in 2nd ch from hook. *Insert hook into left loop of sc just made, yo, pull through, yo, pull through 2 loops on hook* Repeat from * to * to desired length. Ss into Bottom of flower. Fasten Off. Put 'tail' through and fray them in flowers 'center'.

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