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Rainbow of Dusk Beaded Crochet Bracelet

Experience the enchanting beauty of the Crochet Rainbow of Dusk Beaded Bracelet, a true masterpiece that will captivate your senses. This exquisite piece of jewelry is meticulously handcrafted using the ancient art of crochet, ensuring every stitch is infused with love and dedication. The bracelet features a stunning array of vibrant colors, reminiscent of the breathtaking hues that paint the sky during the magical moments of dusk.

: Aunt Lydia (affiliate link)'s 100% Mercerized Cotton, Size 3, 150yd/138m, black, 

seed beads #6 about 120,
2 ribbon clams 2" wide,
tongle clasp and 2 jump rings.
Flat pliers to close clams.

Hook: 2.0 mm


String the beads on the thread. For an 8" long bracelet, or 17 repeats of the pattern,
you will need 112 beads.

Beaded Single Crochet (bsc): Insert hook in indicated st, slide one bead up to the hook,
yo after the bead, draw yarn through the stitch, yo, draw yarn through both loops on the hook.

Foundation: ch 6, turn
Row 1 (RS): ch 2, 6 dc in the ch sts below, turn.
Row 2 (WS): ch 1, 6 bsc in the 6 dc below.
Repeat rows 1-2 16 more times or to the desired length.
Make the last row like row 1. Cut the yarn, leaving a 4" long tail.


Weave in the tails. Attach ribbon clams. Attach clasps to the clams with the help of the jump rings.
Instead of clams and toggle clasp, you can use plastic snaps. Sew them on to the ends with a matching sewing thread.

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