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Crochet Adorable Carnation Pattern

Create Your Own Charming Carnation with Crochet Magic! Unleash your creativity and embark on a delightful crochet journey to craft the most adorable carnation flower. With just a few simple stitches and a hook, you can bring this beautiful blossom to life. Whether you're a seasoned crocheter or a beginner, this project is perfect for anyone looking to add a touch of charm to their home decor or create a heartfelt gift for a loved one. Once completed, your crochet carnation can be used to embellish a hat, a bag, or even a cozy blanket. It can also be transformed into a brooch or a hair accessory, adding a touch of whimsy to any outfit. So grab your crochet hook, choose your favorite yarn, and let your creativity blossom with this charming carnation project.

In the picture above I was using a 1,5mm crochet hook and some lace cotton yarn to crochet the carnation flower.

And in this post you will find out how to crochet a beautiful, realistic carnation flower with a FREE pattern to make a bookmark, jewelery piece, a single flower or more for a wedding bouquet or to put in a vase.

Tip: a single croche carnation flower or a bouque of them are a prefect handmad gift for a mother's day.

Here are some notes that I hope you will read before starting the crochet carnation flower, if you don't want to take a look at the notes you can skip right to the pattern. I know you might think it is a lot, but trust me I went trought the process of creating this free crochet pattern for a crochet carnation flower and I can thell you what I found out and where I had trouble.

Notes on how to crochet carnation flower

  • For a bookmark or a brooch I would suggest using a smaller crochet hook (max. 1.5mm) and some lace cotton yarn.
  • If you will be making a single flower you will also need some floral wire for the stem and some green floral tape.
  • If you will be using yarn that is for a 2mm crochet hook or bigger I suggest skipping R9 – that would determine the height of the crochet carnation flower and instead of making (dc, ch1)x4 I would make (dc, ch1)x3 in each ch1 space of the previous round.
  • If the 1st stich is a single crochet stitch then you make a ch1 to level up the row. If the row is done with double crochet stitches make a ch3, that will count as the first dc.

Example: in R8 you make ch3, that count as a dc and a dc in the same stitch and those two stitches make a double crochet increase stitch.

  • If you will be making a pin or a brooch I would suggest skipping R3-7 beucase you want a nice flat back of the crochet carnation flower.
  • I know that a carnation flower has several petals joines but in this easy crochet carnation flower pattern all is done in rounds and in ove part got the bloom.
  • The leaves come in pairs so you will have to make at least two crochet carnation leaves.
  • For the crochet carnation bookmark I will be using a bit shorter leaves with no wire, but if you are making a crochet carnation flower for a bouqet I would suggest putting some thing green wire in the last row (R3) of only single crochet stitches.
  • The pattern for the length of the crochet carnation leaf can be adjusted. Make more crochet chain stitches for a longer leaf and less crochet chain stitches for a shorter leaf. For example I will be making leaves for the gookmark 10 stitches long.

The stitches used in this pattern for the crochet carnation flower are:

  • magic ring
  • sl st — slip stitch
  • ch — chain stitch
  • sc — single crochet stitch
  • dc — double crochet stitch
  • inc — sc increase stitch (make 2sc in 1)
  • dcinc — double crochet increase stitch (make 2dc in 1)

The carnation free crochet pattern is almost beginner friendly because of the stitches but I have to addmit it can look a little messy with all those increases.

If you will be crocheting a carnation flower bookmark as a stand alone crochet flower read the “How to assamble” section below the pattern for the crochet carnation flower.

The written pattern for the crochet carnation flower

With the base color yarn you can work in continous rounds R0-R7:

  • R0: magic ring
  • R1: 6sc — 6st
  • R2: 6inc — 12st
  • R3-7: 12sc — 12st
  • R8: 12dcinc — 24st
  • R9: {dc, ch1}x2 in each stitch from R8 — 48st
  • R10: in each ch1 space make: {(dc, ch1)x4}x48 — 192 ch1 spaces
  • R11: in each ch1 space make: {(sc, ch2)x2}x192 — join with a sl st

Optional: you can make R11 in a different color to give it a nice contrasting edge

Pattern for the receptale and sepals of the crochet carnation flower:

  • R0: magic ring
  • R1: 6sc — 6st
  • R2: 6inc — 12st
  • R3: {1sc, inc}x6 – 18st
  • R4-7: 18cs – 18st
  • R8: {(sl st, ch2, dc), (tr, picot, tr), (dc, ch2, sl st)}x6 – join with a slip stitch and cut yarn

The written pattern for the crochet carnation leaf – making them in pairs:

  • R1: ch15
  • R2: ch1, 14sc in top loops, (2sc, picot, 1sc), 14sc in bottom loops, join with a slip stitch

How to assemble the crochet carnation bookmark:

  • make the crochet carnation flower
  • make 2 short leaves
  • make a long – as long as you want your crochet bookmark to be – strip od crochet chain stitches that will work as a stem
  • optional: make a small ball (magic ring, 6sc, 6inc, 12sc, 12sc, add fiberfill, 4dec, join nd close up) and attach it to one side of the stem
  • attach the leaves about 2,5cm (1'') from the top of the stem where the crochet carnation flower will be
  • attach the carnation flower bloom to the stem
  • optional: add a bit of fiberfill in the middle of the crochet carnation flower and sew together with the starting tail of the blosom

How to assemble the crochet carnation flower for a bouque:

  • do not close the magic ring of the flower to tightly
  • when doing R2 of the leaves put a thin wire in between the rows so that the leaf can hold its shape
  • if you will be using floral wire and floral tape start wrapping the wire at the bottom and as you go up the stem add the leaves in pairs – one left and one right
  • once the stem of the crochet carnation flower is done, insert it into the loose bottom of the flower and make a swirl with the wire
  • once the wire is in place and secured use a hot glue gun to fix it in place
  • if the inside of the crochet carnation flower feel empty add some fiberfill and sew the opening together – that is in the part where the “cup” is (R1-R5 in the pattern of the crochet carnation flower)

Happy crafting

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