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Crochet Little Keychain Santa Claus Amigurumi

Create your very own adorable Santa Claus keychain with the art of crochet! This delightful amigurumi project is perfect for adding a touch of festive cheer to your keys or even as a cute decoration for your Christmas tree. With just a few basic crochet stitches and some colorful yarn, you'll be able to bring this jolly little Santa to life. Crocheting a keychain Santa Claus amigurumi is a fun and creative way to showcase your crochet skills while spreading some holiday joy. This miniature version of Santa is sure to bring a smile to anyone's face. From his rosy cheeks to his fluffy white beard, every detail of this crochet project is designed to capture the essence of the beloved Christmas icon. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced crocheter, this project is a great way to challenge yourself and create a unique and personalized gift for yourself or a loved one. So grab your crochet hook and get ready to embark on a festive crochet adventure! 

Used materials
• Crochet hook 2,0 mm
• Fiberfill
• Sewing needle
• Stich marker
• Safety eyes black 12 mm

Crochet Terms (US)
ch = chain
sc = stich
inc = increase
dec = decrease
slst = slip stich
dc = double crochet
hdc = half double crochet
trc = triple crochet
BPdc = back post double crochet
* * crochet… x= repeat and crochet x times what is between * *
[ ] = total off stiches in round
FS = frontside loops
BS = Backside loops

Explanation back post double crochet (BPdc)
Yarn over just like you will do if you were making a double crochet Insert your hook through the back of your work, across the front of the indicated stitch, then through your work again, such that the hook is at the back of your work again. It will look like this from the front: Now finish your double crochet as you normally would: yarn over, pull up a loop, yarn over, pull through 2 loops on your hook, yarn over, pull through the final 2 loops on your hook.

Yarn color: skin color.
Rnd 1. 6sc in magic circle (=6)
Rnd 2. *inc* crochet 6x (=12)
Rnd 3. *1sc, inc,* crochet 6x (=18)
Rnd 4. *1sc, inc, 1sc* crochet 6x (=24)
Rnd 5. 24sc (=24)
Rnd 6. *3sc, inc* crochet 6x (=30)
Rnd 7. *2sc, inc, 2sc* crochet 6x =(36)
Rnd 8. *5sc, inc* crochet 6x (=42)
Rnd 9. 42sc (=42)
Rnd 10. 42sc (=42)
Rnd 11. 42sc (=42)
Rnd 12. 42sc (=42)
Rnd 13. 42sc (=42)
Rnd 14. *5sc, dec* crochet 6x (=36)
Rnd 15. *2sc, dec, 2sc* crochet 6x (=30)
Rnd 16. *3sc, dec* crochet 6x (=24)
Rnd 17. 24sc (=24)
Rnd 18. *1sc, dec, 1sc* crochet 6x (=18)
Rnd 19. *1sc, dec* crochet 6x (=12)
Fill up the head. If you work with safety eyes, place them now on
Rnd 13/14, with 9 stiches in between.
Rnd 20. *dec* crochet 6x (=6)
End off and close the gab.

Yarn color: red and white fluffy yarn
Rnd 1. 6sc in magic circle (=6
Rnd 2. 6sc (=6)
Rnd 3. * inc, 1sc* crochet 3x (=9)
Rnd 4. 9sc (=9)
Rnd 5. 9hdc (=9)
Rnd 6. 9sc (=9)
Rnd 7. *1hdc, 2hdc in st, 1hdc*
crochet 3x (=12)
Rnd 8. 12sc (=12)
Rnd 9. *1hdc, 2hdct in st* crochet 6x (=18)
Rnd 10. 18sc (=18)
Rnd 11. 18hdc (=18)
Rnd 12. 18sc (=18)
Rnd 13. *1hdc, 2hdc in st, 1hdc* crochet 6x (=24)
Rnd 14. 24sc (=24)
Rnd 15. 24hdc (=24)
Rnd 16. 24sc (=24)
Rnd 17. *3hdc, 2hdc in st* crochet 6x (=30)
Rnd 18. 30sc (=30)
Rnd 19. *2hdc, 2hdc in st, 2hdc* crochet 6x (=36)
Rnd 20. 36sc (=36)
Rnd 21. *5hdc, 2hdc in st* crochet 6x (=42)
Rnd 22. 42sc (=42)
Change to fluffy white yarn
Rnd 23. *3hdc, 2hdc in sc, 3hdc* crochet 6x (=48)
Rnd 24. 48sc (=48)
End off. (photo 1)

Pompon on hat
Yarn color: white fluffy yarn
Rnd 1. 6sc in magic circle (=6
Rnd 2. * inc, 1sc* crochet 3x (=9)
Rnd 3. 9sc (=9)
Rnd 4. *dec, 1sc* crochet 3x (=6)
End off and leave yarn for sewing.

Yarn color: Red and white. Start with red
Rnd 1. 6sc in magic circle (=6)
Rnd 2. *inc* crochet 6x (=12)
Rnd 3. *1sc, inc,* crochet 6x (=18)
Rnd 4. *1sc, inc, 1sc* crochet 6x (=24)
Rnd 5. 24BPdc (=24)
Rnd 6. 24sc (=24)
Rnd 7. 24sc (=24)
Rnd 8. Change white. *4sc, dec* crochet 4x (=20)
Rnd 9. Change red. Crochet in back loops. 20sc (=20)
Rnd 10. *3sc, dec* crochet 4x (=16)
Rnd 11. 16sc (=16)
Rnd 12. *2sc, dec* crochet 4x (=12)
Rnd 13. 12sc (=12)
Fill the body up with little stones. To make it heavy enough to stand up.
Leave a yarn for sewing the head on the body. Do not close this gap.

White stripe on body
Yarn color: wit. Crochet in rows
Row 1.Chain 5 (=5)
Row 2. 1ch turn, 5slst (=5)
End off and leave yarn for sewing

Arms (2x)
Yarn color: skin color and red. Start with skin
Rnd 1. 4sc in magic circle (=4)
Rnd 2. 4sc (=4)
Rnd 3. Change color red, 4sc (=4)
Rnd 4. 4sc (=4)
Rnd 5. 4sc (=4)
Rnd 6. End off and leave a yarn for sewing. Do not fill up the arms.

Yarn color: white. Crochet in rows
Row 1.Chain 20 (=20)
Row 2. 1ch, turn, 8sc, *inc* crochet 4x, 8sc (=24)
Row 3. 1ch, turn, 1sc, *skip 2 stiches, crochet 5dc in same st, skip 2
stiches, 1sc* crochet 4x, 1sc
End off and leave yarn for sewing

Sew the beard from Rnd 13 till under the eyes.
Use safety pins before sewing. Are you sure, than sew it on (photo 2)
Sew the white stripe on the body (photo 3)

Fill the body with granulaat and fiberfill. Sew the body on the head.
Place the arms on the side.
Placet he hat on the head, two rows above the eyes.
Sew with little tiny stiches. Bend the hat on Rnd 5 and 13 together, for a fun effect (photo 4)

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