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Crochet Cross Ornament

Create a stunning and unique crochet cross ornament that will add a touch of elegance to your holiday decorations. This beautiful handmade piece will surely catch the eye of your guests and become a cherished keepsake for years to come. With just a few simple crochet stitches and some colorful yarn, you can bring this intricate design to life. Crafted with love and attention to detail, this crochet cross ornament is a true work of art. The delicate stitches create a mesmerizing pattern that showcases the beauty of crochet. Whether you hang it on your Christmas tree or use it as a decorative accent in your home, this ornament will instantly elevate the festive atmosphere.

Measures 5-1/2" tall x 4" wide


Peaches & Creme 4ply worsted weight cotton yarn
White — less than 1/4 oz
Green — less than 1/4 oz
Hook Size H

Stitches: ch, dc, sc, sl st.

Difficulty: MEDIUM


R1: Ch6, sc in the 2nd ch from the hook. Sc in ea rem ch. (5sc)

Rs2-9: Ch1, turn. Sc in ea st. (5sc)

R10: Ch4, turn. Sk next st. Dc in next st. Ch1. Dc in last st.

R11: Ch1, turn. Sc in ea dc and in ea ch-sp. (5sc)

Rs12-14: Ch1, turn. Sc in ea st. (5sc)

Fasten off.


R1: Ch4, sc in the 2nd ch from the hook. Sc in ea rem ch. (3sc)

Rs2-11: Ch1, turn. Sc in ea st. (3sc)

Fasten off.


Weave Horizontal Bar through the openings in the Vertical Bar as shown in the photo.

The center double crochet stitch should be visible from the front side.
The other two double crochet stitches should be visible from the back side.


Join green with a sc in any st. Sc evenly around the entire cross, placing 1sc in ea st and row end. For corners, place 3sc in each corner of the Vertical Bar and 2sc in each corner of the Horizontal Bar. Join with a sl st.

Fasten off.


Add a hanger to the top center stitch, OR, use a twist tie through the back side around the horizontal bar and tie it to the Christmas tree branch.

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