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Crochet Uno Card Pouch

Create your very own handmade Uno card pouch using the art of crocheting. This project involves using yarn and a crochet hook to stitch together a small pouch that can hold your Uno cards securely. By crocheting the pouch yourself, you can customize it with your favorite colors and designs, making it a unique and personalized accessory for your card games. The process of crocheting the pouch is not only fun and creative, but also allows you to practice your crochet skills and create something practical at the same time. Crocheting a Uno card pouch is a great way to showcase your creativity and add a personal touch to your gaming experience. You can experiment with different crochet stitches and patterns to make your pouch stand out and reflect your own style. Additionally, crocheting your own card pouch is a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to buying a mass-produced one, as you are using materials that can be reused and recycled. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced crocheter, this project is a fun and rewarding way to create something special for yourself or to give as a thoughtful handmade gift to a fellow Uno enthusiast.

Fits a regular deck of Uno Cards.


Red Heart Super Saver-4ply worsted weight (Navy)
Red Heart Super Saver-4ply worsted weight (White)

Abbreviations for colors:
Navy (MC) — 1/2 oz
White (CC) — 1/8 oz
Hook Size I
Yarn Needle

Stitches: ch, sc, sl st.

Difficulty: MEDIUM


R1: With MC, ch10, Sc in the 2nd ch from the hook and in ea rem ch. (9sc)

Rs2-5: Ch1, turn. Sc in ea sc. (9sc)

R6: Ch1, do not turn. Sc in ea st and in ea row end, placing 3sc in ea corner. Join with a sl st.

(Begin working in a continous round)

R7: Ch1, do not turn. Sc in the BL only of ea st. Do not join.

Rs8-16: Place Marker. Sc in ea sc. (reposition marker at the end of each round) After R16, sl st in the next st.

Fasten off.


R1: With CC, Ch3. Sc in the 2nd ch from the hook. Sc in the last ch.

Rs2-31: Ch1, turn. Sc in ea st.


Ch3, join with a sl st on the opposite side of the row.

Fasten off.


Using a yarn needle and CC, sew the Strap to the pouch using the photo as a guide.
Place the first row of the strap in position at the center front of the pouch. Whip stitch down one side of the strap all the way to the back top edge of the pouch then sew back down the other side of the strap back to the point of beginning. Sew on a button, insert your cards and fasten.

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