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Crochet Owl Ornament

 Create your very own adorable crochet owl ornament with this easy-to-follow pattern! This charming little owl will add a touch of whimsy to your holiday decorations or make a perfect gift for owl lovers. With just a few basic crochet stitches and some colorful yarn, you'll have a delightful owl ornament in no time. Whether you're an experienced crocheter or just starting out, this crochet owl ornament is a fun and rewarding project that will bring joy to your holiday season. So grab your crochet hook and let your imagination soar as you create your very own crochet owl ornament!

Use an F/5-3.75MM hook throughout
Rnd 1: 5sc in a circle
Rnd 2: 2sc in each sc around (10)
Rnd 3: *sc1 then 2sc in next sc* repeat around (15)
Rnd 4: *sc2 then 2sc in next sc* repeat around (20)
Rnd 5: *dc in front loop of next stitch, tc in same stitch, dtc (double treble stitch) in same stitch, tc in next stitch front loop only, dc in same stitch* (all in front loop only), sc in next stitch front loop only, then repeat between * for next two front loops, sc15 (20)
Rnd 6: sc around, making stitches behind forehead peaks using the left over back loops and continue around (20)
Rnd 7-8: sc around (20)
Rnd 9: *decrease, sc2* repeat around (15)
Make eyes (see below), use safety eyes to put through white layer and green layer and attach. Sew on beak and stuff as you go.
Rnd 10-13: sc around (15)
Rnd 14: *decrease, sc1* repeat around (10)
Rnd 15: decrease around (5) seal up hole and hide ends

Eyes (make 2)
Rnd 1: 5sc in a circle
Rnd 2: 2sc in each sc around (10) sl st next st

Wings (make 2)
Rnd 1: 7sc in a circle
Rnd 2: sc3, 2sc in next 3 stitches, sc1 (10)
Rnd 3: sc2, 2sc in next 4 stitches, sc4 (14)
Cut thread, leave tail, sew to body. Add a little string to hang on the tree.

Update: I've had a request for more pictures, so here you go. Also a clarification. The horns will look close together but it is because they are. They are kindof like a uni-brow :) The wings are only three rounds, don't worry they are just the right size. I hope these help. Enjoy the bird.

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