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Crochet Ocean Cruise Tote Bag

 Imagine yourself strolling along the sandy shores, the gentle breeze caressing your face, and the sound of waves crashing in the distance. Now picture yourself carrying the Crochet Ocean Cruise Tote Bag, a true masterpiece that captures the essence of the sea. Its carefully crafted stitches resemble the ebb and flow of the tides, while the ocean-inspired hues transport you to a tranquil paradise. Whether you're heading to the beach or simply running errands, this tote bag will not only hold your belongings but also serve as a stylish reminder of the beauty that lies beneath the surface. So set sail on a crochet adventure and let the Ocean Cruise Tote Bag be your companion on this journey of creativity and wanderlust.

Skill: Easy


  • Crochet Hook – N / 9 mm
  • Super Bulky (6) Premier / Fable/ Nessie Yarn
  • 2 Rings — Silver metal/ 6 Inch
  • Yarn Needle
  • 1 Button – 1 – 1.5 inch


Chain (ch)

Slip Stitch (slst)

Single Crochet (sc)

Double Crochet (dc)

22 inches around, 12 inches tall, not counting the handles


Ch 1 does not count as a st

Ch 3 Counts as dc

Rounds are joined to the ch3 with a slst


R: 1 — Ch 5, Join in a circle, Ch 3, 9 dc in the Circle

Join with a slst to the Ch 3. (10dc)

R: 2 — 1 dc in same st as ch3, 2 dc in each st around, join, ch3. (20 dc)

R: 3 – *2 dc in next st, 1 dc in the next st*Repeat from * to * around, join, ch3. (30 dc)

R: 4 –1 dc in the next st,

*2 dc in the next st, 1 dc in the next 2 sts*Repeat From * to * around, join, ch 3. (40 dc)

R: 5 – 1 dc in each dc around, join, ch3 (40dc)

R: 6 – R: 12 — Repeat R: 5Ch1 After R: 12

R: 13 – 1 sc in each dc around, join to the 1st sc, ch 1 (40sc)

R: 14 – 1 sc in the 1st 6 sc,Sc in the next 8 sc holding one of the rings in place and sc over the ring, sc in the next 12 sc,Sc in the next 8 sc holding one of the rings in place and sc over the ring,Sc in the last 6 sc, join to the 1st sc, tie off weave in the ends.

Button Loop, Join yarn to the 4th sc of the 8 at the back ring, ch 16, slst in the 8th ch,Slst in the last chs, join to the next sc, tie off and securely weave in the ends.Line up the button to the loop,

and sew in place on the front of the tote.

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