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Crochet Rippling Loops Square

 Introducing the Crochet Rippling Loops Square, a delightful and versatile pattern that will add a touch of elegance to your crochet projects. This unique design features a mesmerizing ripple effect created by interlocking loops, giving your square a dynamic and eye-catching appearance. Whether you're a seasoned crocheter or just starting out, this pattern is perfect for anyone looking to create something truly special. Whether you choose to use this square as a standalone piece or incorporate it into a larger project, the Crochet Rippling Loops Square is sure to impress with its intricate design and endless possibilities. Let your creativity soar as you explore the endless color combinations and stitch variations that this pattern offers.

Size: 6” Square using, Hook: H/5.0mm, Yarn: Worsted Weight in 1 or 2 colors: A & B

Notes: Bold print: Repeated in pattern. Sts: Work in next st/chsp. Join: Join W/slst in beg st, unless otherwise stated.

Abbreviations & Stitches Used

Beg=Beginning Ch=Chain Slst=Slip Stitch Sc=Single Crochet

Sp=Spaces Sk=Skip W/=With Dc=Double Crochet

St(s)=Stitch(es) Lps=Loops Trc=Triple crochet

Rnd 1: W/A, Ch4, 15dc in 4th ch from hook, join. (16dc)

Rnd 2: Ch3, dc, ch1, 2dc, beg corner made in same st. [Ch3, sk next st, sc in next st, ch3, sk next st, (2dc, ch1, 2dc), corner made]4x, omitting last corner, join. (16dc,4sc)

*Note: Trc sts are worked behind the ch3sp.

Rnd 3: Slst in next 2sts, beg corner. [Dc in next 2dc, trc in skipped dc in rnd2, ch2, trc in skipped dc of rnd2. Dc in next 2dc, corner in next sp]4x, omitting last corner, join. (32dc, 8TC, 8ch2) If using 2 colors, fasten off A.

Rnd 4: W/B, join in any corner sp, ch1, 3sc in sp. [(Ch3, sk next st, sc in next st)5x, ch3, sk next st, 3sc in corner sp]4x, ending w/ch3, sk next st, join. (28sc)

*Note: Work behind ch3sp for this round.

Rnd 5: Slst in next sc, beg corner. [(Ch1, dc in skipped dc of rnd3)6x. Ch1, sk next sc, corner in next sc.]4x, omitting last corner, join. (40dc)

Rnd 6: Slst in next 2sts, ch1, 3sc in same sp. [Sc in next dc, (ch3, sk next st, sc in next st)8x, 3sc in next sp]4x, omitting last 3sc in corner sp, join. (48sc).

*Note: Work behind ch3sp for this round.

Rnd 7: Slst in next sc, ch2, 2hdc in same st. [Hdc in next 2sts, (dc in skipped dc of rnd5, ch1)7x, dc in skipped dc of rnd 5, hdc in next 2sts, 3hdc in next sc]4x, ending w/hdc in last 2sts, join. (28hdc, 32dc) 

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